Are You Ruining the Look of your Rear End with VPL?


I’d like to discuss the delicate issue of the dreaded “VPL”:  Visible Panty Line!

Nothing ruins the silhouette of your rear end and negates all the hard work you put into toning your rear than visible panty lines. The woman in the photo above lost 20 pounds on my program and now has a fabulous derriere but the awful VPL she has detracts from that.

For the best look, wear thong panties under your workout pants for a perfectly smooth look. Thongs are the solution for eliminating visible panty lines and enhancing the look of your rear end.

  • Color
    Skin-tone panties are most versatile and will be less visible through fabrics than white or black underwear.
  • Fabric
    A quality microfiber fabric is your best bet as it will be very soft against your skin.
  • Fit
    Some thongs have a lower “rise” and the top band hits low around the hips while others have a higher rise and the waistband is more towards the waist. When trying to avoid visible panty lines with tight fitting workout pants, I recommend a high-rise thong that covers any tummy bulging “muffin top” you may have.
  • Seams
    Look for panties that are seamless or flat-seams. Seamless undies have no ridges that show through tight-fitting clothes.
  • Size
    I recommend going a size bigger than you are used to. They won’t feel as tight.
  • My favorite seamless microfiber thongs:thong1
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