Escort a Dog From Maui or Kauai Back to The NW and Save a Dog’s Life

Are you vacationing to Kauai or Maui? The Kauai and Maui Humane societies are seeking vacationing Northwest residents to escort a dog or two to the mainland on their next trip. These transfer programs helps save lives by sending dogs to mainland guarantee no-kill shelters who have partnered with the program. These shelters have more exposure, space for and higher adoption rates than the Kauai and Maui shelters. This is a golden opportunity for the overcrowded Hawaiian shelter dogs to have a life rather than being euthanized.

Kauai’s Humane Society program is called Aloha Escorts. Through a deal with Alaska Airlines the dogs can accompany a returning tourist on a nonstop flight to Seattle, Portland, San Diego or Oakland and go to a shelter for adoption. Contact with your flight date and destination.

Maui’s Humane society program is called Wings of Aloha. Through a deal with Alaska Airlines, the dogs can accompany a returning tourist on a nonstop flight to Seattle or Portland and go to a shelter for adoption. Contact with your flight date and destination.

It’s easy to do. Volunteers on both ends handle the logistics. The Kauai and Maui shelters pays the discounted rate given by the airline and provides the dog crate, as well as the necessary medical papers.

If you are taking a non-stop flight on an airline listed above to the cities the program flies to from either Kauai or Maui, all you need to do is contact the Maui or Kauai Humane Society. Provide your name, phone number, email address, and flight confirmation code. Staff will contact the Airlines to reserve space on the flight for a pet. Staff will contact the transfer partners in the shelter areas to confirm their ability to accept the dog. Staff will meet you at the Airlines ticket counter 2 hours before your flight. Staff will bring the pet, kennel and all travel documents and ensure check in goes smoothly. Upon arriving at your destination, pick up your luggage and continue your travels as usual. The transfer partner shelter will pick up the pets in Baggage Claim at the airport.

Please consider doing this on your next Hawaiian vacation. This gives the dogs a chance at a cherished life that they truly deserve by transferring animals to shelters and rescues that will guarantee adoption.

VIDEO: Wings of Aloha Guarantees Adoption

VIDEO: Kauai Aloha Escorts Program

UPDATE 12/3/2015 from Jennifer McGurn of Maui Humane society. 

“Wow!!!! This blog is amazing! I handle the Wings of Aloha program at the Maui Humane Society and this blog article is BLOWING UP!! We’ve been inundated with phone calls and emails as a result of this article. Thank you so much for featuring us and our program! Many, many dogs’ lives will be saved because of this article and all the people responding to it. Thank you again!”

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Safety of Dog Food Treats and Best Chews To Give Your Dog

Supervise your pet while they are chewing their treats to help prevent accidental choking.


Dogs love treats. Some can be harmful to their health or even deadly. Here are some tips on how to select those that are the safest for our beloved pets.

Dental Preventative Chews 

Look for the VOHC seal. The Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) is an independent veterinary dental group that tests claims producers make about their dental preventative products. After review, if a product is proven to help slow plaque and calculus formation, it’s given the VOHC seal.

Bones and Antlers

Bones, marrow bones and antlers can cause severe fractures of the teeth, especially of the upper molars. The broken tooth is painful and can lead to abscessing of the tooth root.

Never give your dog leftover chicken bones. They can become lodged in the esophagus and hinder breathing functions.

Bones are easily broken and splinter easily, hence do not disintegrate well in a dog’s digestive track. This means your pet may have to pass them through his stool. Undigested bones can lead to a serious impaction and/or constipation requiring a trip to the veterinarian. Bones can also be a choking hazard and can cause possible intestinal bleeding. If a bone splinter breaks off; it can pierce the intestinal wall and pass through the abdominal cavity causing hemorrhaging of the intestinal wall and an infection of the lining of the abdominal cavity.

Rawhide Chews

Rawhides can be a potentially dangerous treat. Some rawhides are made with chemicals that cause cancer. Therefore make sure you buy ones made in the USA and are UNBLEACHED. Rawhides that originate outside of the United States may be preserved with arsenic-based chemicals that can be ingested by your pet. Use caution when shopping for rawhide chews and make certain any rawhide you purchase has been processed in the United States where this preservative is prohibited.

Good quality rawhide should only get gooey and gum up when chewed, rather than chip off. If they chip, the chips can get lodged in the little dip in a dog’s esophagus and they can choke on that.

Some dogs may be allergic to rawhide chews.

If you do decide to give your dog a rawhide, you want to make sure the rawhides you purchase are the appropriate size for your pet. A smaller breed dog requires a smaller sized treat and a larger breed dog should start with a chew appropriate for its size.

Its also a good idea, if you want to give your dog rawhide, to purchase compressed rawhide. Compressed rawhide is better than regular rawhide because it is made from layers of beefhide and formed under extreme pressure. This creates a very dense dog bone.

Supervise your pet while he is consuming rawhides to help prevent accidental choking.

Bully sticks / Pizzle Sticks

Bully Sticks are 100% bull penises. Not a tendon and not processed meat strips, bully sticks are dried, lightly smoked or natural flavor.


Greenies are advertised as a chew treat to help keep your dog’s teeth clean. You need to be aware that “greenies” can cause serious health issues in your pet. At the 2005 AmericanCollege of Veterinary Internal Medicine meeting, there was discussion among internal medicine specialists about Greenies causing esophageal obstructions that were difficult to fix. Complications reported include small intestinal obstructions; stricture, ulceration and puncture. Greenies are also associated with tooth fractures in dogs. Young puppies or dogs that quickly eat their food should not be given this treat since consuming the item quickly may cause large chunks to lodge in the throat.

Pig and Cow ears

When giving pig or cow ears it’s best to give natural or basted – NOT SMOKED. That puts a cancer causing coating on it. Unbleached/natural lambs ears are a better choice.

Pig ears may contain salmonella which can be harmful to you, the pet owner. So, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly if you are handling pig ears.


Never give cow hooves! They splinter and sharp pieces have killed many dogs.

They are so hard they can actually break a dog’s teeth. My dog got a slab fracture on a molar and had to have the tooth removed. And there have been recalls of some cow hooves for potential salmonella contamination.

Better Alternatives

There are lots of healthy and delicious dog pet store treats readily available for pet owners. Be sure to look at the ingredients when you purchase any dog bones or treats to be sure they are chemical-free. Avoid all treats made in China. Many are contaminated with chemicals, antibiotics or bacteria.

Natural or basted pig ears and American made bully sticks are good choices.

Cornstarch bones are made from cornstarch and are safe for your dog to eat, provided that he or she does not have food allergies. Just don’t give your dog too many.

Better than Ears are imitation pig ears that are low-fat and highly digestible. They are made from healthy products such as soy flour and wheat bran. there is a Better than Ears Hip and Joint formula that I recommend.

Nylabones are made from nylon and get chewed into tiny pieces.  When the Nylabone is chewed into a stump, throw it away and buy a new one to prevent choking hazard.

Benebones are also a good alternative. There are many shapes but the shape here is the one my dog seems to prefer as he can hold one end with his paw and the other end conveniently can be chewed.

Kong Toys are a good choice. There is the Kong Goodie Ship for small dogs and other Stuffable Hard Rubber Toys like this King Classic. Fill them with frozen meat, cheese, and peanut butter for a long lasting SAFE TREAT!

There are other safe alternatives to pet store treats like apples, canned pumpkin, cooked green beans or peas, a bite of rice cake, cooked egg white and plain popcorn.  Dogs love frozen carrots. Scrub and peel a carrot, then freeze. These naturally clean teeth.

If you are so inclined, you can bake your own healthy dog cookies. There are many recipes on the internet. Just make sure they don’t contain a lot of fat or sugar.

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