Flat Feet? What to look for in a shoe

Stability Control Shoes

People with flat feet pronate, or turn their ankle inward when they walk or run. This can lead to stress on the ankles, feet and knees and potentially cause a number of injuries. Shoes with stability control can help correct this pronation. The stability comes from the addition of a gray dense foam in the arch on the inside of the midsole.

Motion Control Shoes

For more severe pronators, motion control shoes are necessary. They offer the most rigidity, durability, and more control than a stability control shoe to keep the ankle straight.

Added Support Shoes

People with flat feet should not wear shoes without any support such as flip-flops, sandals or high heels. These do not give the arch any lift. When looking at shoes, ones that say “added support” generally mean they are technically designed to do what a normal arch is supposed to do.

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