Pan Seared Scallops on a Bed of Sauteed Kale with Garlic and Red Wine Vinegar

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Eating healthy can be a pleasure when you learn a few basics.

Here I teach you how to make perfect scallops just like in a restaurant. Once on that page, scroll down to the recipe “Alton Brown’s Scallop Recipe” for the one I used in the dish above.

Here is my recipe for sautéed kale with garlic and red wine vinegar. You can also use this technique for other greens.

And yet other meal ideas! How about seared scallops served on top of pesto farro and roasted vegetables? Or seared scallops served alongside Easy Perfect Microwave Green Beans, a super easy weeknight meal.

Or how does this look? Scallops with Easy Perfect Microwave Green Beans


Pesto Farro and roasted carrots and broccoli


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