Portion Distortion!

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Do You Know How Food Portions Have Changed in 20 Years?

Have you noticed that food portions have gotten larger? Some portions provide enough food for at least two people. With this growth have come increases in waistlines and body weight.To see if you know how today’s portions compare to the portions available 20 years ago, quiz yourself on Portion Distortion I and Portion Distortion II. You will also learn about the amount of physical activity required to burn off the extra calories provided by today’s portions.

This tool is compliments of the National Institute of Heart Lung and Blood Institute where you will find other helpful information about heart and vascular diseases, lung diseases, blood diseases and resources, and sleep disorders. www.nhlbi.nih.gov/

I hope you find Portion Distortion insightful and fun. I also hope that next time you eat on the run, you will think twice about the food portions offered to you.




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