Sunday Healthy Meal Prep Plan

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I’m writing this blog as I am eating one of the delicious bowls of food that I prepped yesterday. I like to prepare food on Sundays so I have healthy food that I can quickly reheat for the week. On busy days, it is so nice to know that in the three minutes time it takes to reheat in the microwave I can have a satisfying meal.

My meal plan yesterday that I came up with by perusing the fridge and pantry:

Here is how I did it: pre2

I tossed delicata squash half moons with olive oil and kosher salt.

I tossed baby carrots with olive oil and dried dill.

I tossed potato chunks with olive oil and McCormick Grill Mates Smokehouse Maple seasoning.

I cut thick chicken breasts in half, seasoned with olive oil and Spike seasoning.

I wasn’t sure how long each vegetable would take to roast so I placed each vegetable on their own piece of foil, placed those on cookie sheets and put them in a 400 degree oven. After 15 minutes I pierced each vegetable with a fork to test for tenderness and removed each piece of foil as they got done. The squash was first, then the potatoes and the carrots ended up needing the most time.

While the vegetables were in the oven I prepared the black beans and barley  and grilled the chicken.

I then cut up the chicken and portioned each food into bowls.

Covered with plastic, put in the refrigerator. Several meals all ready to reheat in the microwave!

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