Mediterranean Diet May Slow Aging Process and Decrease Bone Loss

After conducting a 5 year study about how a Mediterranean style diet can promote health in the elderly and help to prevent the development of age-related diseases, researchers found that foods falling within the Mediterranean diet’s guidelines can cut bone loss and help lower levels of C-reactive, which is tied to aging.

I’m already a fan of the Mediterranean diet due to its numerous health benefits, and this new study only confirms this evidence. According to the researchers, sticking to a Mediterranean diet can slow down aging. This is because the foods associated with this diet pattern decrease the levels of a protein called C-reactive, which is linked to the aging process. For people who suffer from osteoporosis, the study also found that eating more Mediterranean-style foods will reduce bone loss. Though researchers focused on how the diet affects the elderly population, we can easily take this lesson and apply it to our own diets. There’s no better time to start than at any age, right?

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