The Healthy Plate

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To create a healthful, balanced lunch, dinner or snack, include three food groups:

Produce such as raw, steamed, sautéed or roasted vegetable, fruit slices, or salad;

Lean protein such as seafood, fish, chicken, turkey, tofu, beans, or low-fat cottage cheese;

Whole-grain carbohydrates such as such as one slice of whole-grain bread, or half a cup of brown rice or other cooked whole grain, whole-wheat pasta, or quinoa.

Think of a healthful plate in halves and quarters:

roughly half of your plate should be vegetables and/or fruit;

one-quarter should be lean protein

one-quarter should be whole grains

Feel free to include a small amount of healthy fat, such as a tablespoon (please measure) of oil-and-vinegar dressing on your salad, seeds or nuts or avocado.

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