TRX Workout for a Strong and Sculpted Body

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Discover the numerous and immense benefits of incorporating TRX training into your routine!

TRX training sculpts every muscle in your body from every angle. The instability caused by the suspension develops serious strength that’s very hard to replicate with regular weights.

If you’re looking to mix up your training routine, check out these­­­­ full-body moves that will give you maximum results for your time. Click on the name of the exercise to view a video.

Ready for more? See below for a video of a full body workout. Follow along with the video and pause after watching the technique so you can do your set, then hit play and continue exercise to exercise.

Back Row

Pike Crunch

Side Lunge 

Single Arm Power Pull

Side Plank with Double Knee Tuck

Rear Delt

Standing Side Plank 


Preacher Triceps Press 


Video of a Full Body TRX Workout

TRX Workout 697


Single Arm Power Pull

Hamstring Curl


Back Row

Chest Press


Hip Abduction

Biceps Curl

Triceps Press

Low Back Extension

Side plank     Advanced: With double knee tuck

Fall Out



Hip Flexor/Pec Stretch


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