Weight Training during Caloric Restriction Enhances Lean Body Weight Maintenance

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Weight training while restricting calories preserves muscle. In one study, dieting while weight training resulted in lean mass (muscle) gained, most fat lost and almost the most weight.

Keep in mind that the “weight training and dieting” group put on muscle weight which is why they didn’t lose as much total weight as the diet only group. But it’s a benefit to have more muscle.

The diet/caloric restriction only group lost muscle and didn’t lose as much fat as the “weight training and dieting” group.

  Control Diet Weight Training Weight Training & Diet
Weight (kg) -0.38 -4.47 0.45 -3.89
Fat (kg) -0.07 -3.56 -0.62 -4.32
Lean mass (kg) -0.31 -0.91 +1.07 +0.43

(8 week program, 40 obese women)



Ballor, D.L., Katch, V.L., Becque, M.D., Marks, C.R., American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 47(1): 19-25, 1988.

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